​Alexandra Risebury - 07814 512166

I am a Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner, having trained with Anna Le Grange (The Mindful Breastfeeding School) and offer antenatal breastfeeding preparation classes and postnatal breastfeeding support. Just like birth; preparation, information and the right support is the key. (And a little relaxation goes a long way!)

Not just as part of my past profession as a neonatal nurse but also as a postnatal doula, I have successfully supported many women at different stages of their baby’s age with breastfeeding support.

So why  Mindful Breastfeeding? I have met so many women doubting their ability to breastfeed their baby (for various reasons), thus resulting in anxiety and often stress. It is vital to understand how our brains function and how stress interferes with our milk production and the impact it can have on mother and baby. My support to you is not only practical but I can also provide you with excellent tools, so you can connect with your baby, feel confident and enjoy your breastfeeding journey.