What is Baby Massage?
​​Baby massage has been a longstanding parenting tradition in many cultures and was introduced to the western world around 30 years ago becoming increasingly popular.
Baby massage provides a wonderful opportunity for expressing your love, whilst meeting the high need for touch and affection which is essential for the healthy development of all babies. 

​​The Classes
Baby massage classes offer parents an opportunity to learn infant massage techniques such as Swedish and Indian massage strokes and incorporates principles from yoga and reflexology.
This helps to develop communication between you and your baby, as well as feelings such as trust and respect as we always ask for permission before massaging our babies.

The classes are relaxed (and baby led as parents are encouraged to feed, change and comfort their babies when they need to and is totally non-judgemental!) and include informal parent discussions, a great way of connecting with other parents if you wish to.
The atmosphere is laid back and please don't worry if this might coincide with sleep or feed times, or your baby crying. There is no pressure on your baby (or yourself in fact!) to "perform"!

In my classes only you massage your baby whilst I demonstrate on my doll. With your permission I happily guide you (my hands on top of yours) should you require further assistance.

How does a class run?
Group sessions up to 5 babies and parents/caregivers where the course runs over 5 subsequent weeks (term time) lasting 1-1.5 hours.
I will provide handouts about each individual stroke and organic massage oils.

We will also cover the following:
History and background of infant massage When is the best time to massage my baby?

Which oils are safe to use?
Massage strokes for legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, face and back Strokes that might relief colic, wind, constipation Gentle movements (baby yoga) and touch relaxation How to adapt strokes in the growing child and meeting individual baby's needs Themed talks which can provide an opportunity for discussion.

What do I need to provide?
Waterproof mat/towel
Water/drink to keep well hydrated
If not breastfeeding milk/water for your baby
Your ordinary changing bag for your baby

Please wear comfortable clothes and if required feel free to bring a cushion for yourself should you need extra support as classes are held on the floor (it is very important for you to feel comfortable when massaging your baby).

The course fee for a 5 week course within a group is £70. The fee is payable at the start of the course in cash, by cheque or online bank transfer.
For private sessions (one to one) please contact me for details. Individual private sessions are held over a 4 week period.
If booking for twins or multiples the price will remain the same if booked within a group (you will only have to pay for one baby) but you will need to arrange for another person to join the course as I will not be able to massage your other baby/babies for you.

Courses for groups of up to 5 will be held at my home weekday mornings.
I also provide one to one sessions within the comfort of your own home.
If you wish to arrange a location of your choice (for example your NCT group) or for any further details please contact me for availability or arranging a class.  

​Alexandra Risebury - 07814 512166

Baby Massage